In case you’ve purchased a hosting plan and you’ve got some queries regarding a concrete function/feature, or if you have run into some challenge and you need help, you should be able to touch base with the respective customer support team. All hosting companies deploy a ticketing system no matter if they offer other methods of contacting them along with it or not, because the most effective way to tackle a problem most often is to send a ticket. This form of communication renders the responses sent by both sides easy to track and enables the customer care staff representatives to escalate the case in the event that, for example, an administrator has to get involved. Most often, the ticketing system isn’t directly linked to the hosting space and is part of the billing account, which goes to say that you’ll need to have no less than two separate accounts to touch base with the help desk team and to actually administer the hosting space. Constantly signing in and out of different accounts may often be a drag, not to mention the fact that it takes a long period of time for the majority of web hosting providers to reply to ticket requests.

Integrated Ticketing System in Shared Website Hosting

In stark contrast to what you may find with many other hosting providers, the ticketing system that we are using with our shared website hosting plans is an essential part of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is included with all hosting accounts. You won’t have to memorize different usernames and passwords, since you will be able to manage both your tickets and the hosting account itself from one single place. So, if you have a query or stumble upon an obstacle, you can contact our customer support staff members on the spur of the moment. Our system features a smart search option. This suggests that even if you’ve submitted numerous tickets through the years, you will be able to find the one that you want without efforts. In addition, you can read knowledge base instructions for fixing commonly encountered obstacles.